Food Shelf Ministry

Dear Saints,

What a sucess yesterday’s Food Shelf Ministry was! It was like Christmas morning to the clients who received the personal care items. What we take for granted, they do not.

–the smile on the face of a young lady who is able to pick out her own comb.
–the joy of finiding the kind of shampoo that a man liked.
–a mother and infant, just new from Mexico, with the little girl wearing a pink knitted hat loving made by our members.

Or the phone message I received today from a woman named Kierstin. She and the two people living with her received our marked Bibles. (We gave away all 72 of them!) She and her two friends are Christians, but they did not have Bibles in their house. They do now and they are reading them. She said that the highlights were so helful. She and another friend had a long talk about something she found there. She encourages us to keep on doing what we are doing. The Word got out there yesterday, she said, and she is very thankful to have a Bible of her own!

I will save the message on the church machine and anyone who would like to hear it in its entirety, just let me know.
In Jesus’ name, we made a difference yesterday. Just think of what is going to happen in the months to come.

Blessings to you,

Rev. Michael J. Coons, Pastor