Christmas Fair Update

Christmas Fair News for Pews News

 Hi All,

 Weds. 6/16/10 will be our 20th gathering of the Christmas

Crafters. We average about 4-5 faithful participants each

week. One of our new projects that we have been working on

are cinnamon crosses. We will also have a collection of clothing

for the very popular, American Girl Doll. Outfits of sweaters,

skirts, purses, hats and dresses are a work in progress.

We are excited about this new offering at Christmas time,

however if any one needs this type of gift during the year,

we will be very happy to show you what we have done.

We thank the individual for bring in the books that were requested

last month. We were very happy to receive them. 

We will continue to meet this summer every Weds. at 1:30,

except for VBS. Join us, new folks are welcome.

Have a wonderful summer !!  Enjoy it!!

A thought from us:

If God is your Co-Pilot……………

Swap Seats!!!

 Any thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions please contact Helen or Elaine