Lutheran Hour Ministries Advent Devotions


Are you finding the Christmas season a heavy burden due to family or personal struggles? Will a limping economy or poor personal health leave you broke or worn out by the end of the year? Have you ever wondered if there is something more to this “most wonderful time of the year”?

There is, and God has done it all. Explore the hope God gives each of us in Transforming This Christmas, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ 2011 Advent devotions. Written by Pastor Wayne Palmer, LHM’s theological editor and writer, these seasonal devotions puts the brightness back into this glorious season. We are reminded it’s not about our gift-giving. Rather, it’s all about God’s Gift-giving: His perfect, sinless Son, born in a manger, to save us and give us life eternal.

Available to read online or to hear as a podcast, Transforming This Christmas can also be received as an e-mail subscription throughout the Advent season. The written devotions are available now and the audio version will begin November 27. All the details can be found at

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