Volunteers Needed!

Do you hate dirty bathrooms, spots on the kitchen floor, debris on the carpets?  Just like your home, our church needs to be cleaned regularly.  We rely on our members, like you, to volunteer a few hours of their time, a couple of times a year to come in and clean prior to the Sunday services each week. 

Right now, our sign-up sheet for 2016 is blank, and January is fast approaching.  Please consider volunteering once per quarter, twice per year…either alone, with your family, or with another member. 



          Dry mop the church floor (use the Swiffer or dry mop on the altar floor)

          Wipe up spills on the church floor with damp soapy rag.

          Wipe up spills on the altar floor with the cleaning solution for wood floors in the utility closet.

          Dust and vacuum the hallway, annex and church office.

          Empty trash.

Utility Closet: The utility closet is just inside the doors to the sanctuary, opposite the kitchen door.  You should find everything you need to clean in that closet.

Dumpsters:  Trash dumpsters are outside the back doors off the hallway.

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