Prayer Shawl Ministry

LCOR Prayer Shawl Ministry

   Creating Prayer Shawls for people needing to be wrapped in Christian love and prayers during times of joy, illness, loss, or crisis.

A Brief History

November 11, 2012, we had our first blessing of our prayer shawls and beginning to this ministry.  It has been a blessing in many different ways, bringing comfort to both receivers and givers.

Shawls and coverings over the years have been used to provide warmth and promote feelings of well-being.  Our first ministry was with shawls or throws give out to folks on our Sunday prayer list.  Over the year, more ideas were formulated from the internet, books, others churches, and friends.  We now how a Cross Pocket Prayer “Shawl” which one may use for one’s own personal needs and/or a request may be written on a piece of paper and slipped into this small pocket where it is then placed to be seen as a reminder that prayers are needed.  We also have a mini crocheted or knitted piece that can be placed in a pocket or purse.  Elaine and her husband received one of these from a dear friend before going on a trip to Europe.  It wished them a safe trip, knowing that prayers were being said for them.  It was deeply appreciated.  These mini prayer shawls will be available at church for anyone who would like to pick one up for whatever occasion it might be appropriate.  

 Thanks be to God for the following folks who have helped in some form or manner:

Vicki Wilmot              Darlene Johnson                      Ann Stoddard

Nancy Shirk                Kylee Warnock                       Gail Warnock

Helen Haberern           Heather Cho                            Annette Cho

Lisa Ramaeka              Lucy Yoreo                             Jeanette Lange

Gayle Pueschel            Lisa Ludemann                       Pete Stevens

Pastor              and all who have prayed and supported our efforts.

Baptism and Pocket Prayer Shawls
Baptism and Pocket Prayer Shawls

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