Program Overview


At Barnyard Roundup, the children learn that Jesus gathers us together! Kids want to belong, be understood, and be valued. They want a BFF at their side, no matter what! At Barnyard Roundup, kids will look into the Bible, God’s Holy Word, to discover that Jesus is better than a BFF! Jesus, their Savior, knows them by name, rounds them up, and brings them home. He is with us always and forever—no matter what! 

Psalm 23 is the Bible Memory focus of this VBS. This beloved Psalm shares our confident trust that our Lord is with us now and forever, provides all we need, and protects us. After Barnyard Roundup, by God’s grace and through the Holy Spirit, this psalm will be in the heart and on the lips of every child, youth, and adult participating!


The Preschoolers will be in their own classroom with their own activities.  They will be learning the same take home points and lessons, doing the same crafts, and eating the same snack, only separate from the elementary children.  This way they won’t get scared or feel overwhelmed by the older children.

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