What is the worship service like?

LCOR is a liturgical church, meaning that our worship follows a basic pattern from week to week.  Liturgical worship ensures that our worship is focused on Christ throughout the church year.

Our weekly worship services contain the following parts each week, though different liturgies may be used:

Invocation: We begin our worship by calling on the name of our Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, remembering our baptisms.

Confession/Forgiveness: We confess to God that we have not followed his commands. The Lord, through his called servant of Christ, the pastor, forgives our sins because of his Son Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

Bible Readings: Readings from both the Old and New Testaments are a part of each week’s worship.

Sermon: Our pastor provides guidance and encouragement for Christian faith and life based on one of our Bible readings, reminding us of our sinfulness but also of our forgiveness in Christ.

Response to the Word: We respond to God’s amazing gift of forgiveness and salvation with offerings and prayers of thanks.

Benediction: We end the service and begin our week with God’s promise to bless and keep us.


Lutheran_Service_BookOur services follow an order of service from our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book, which you will find in our pews. The worship folder contains the whole service printed for you in an easy-to-follow format.  (Large Print worship folders are also available.)  Ask any of our members to help you if you need assistance.  They will be glad to do so.

We are singing church, and the congregation participates in worship with hymns and spiritual songs also found in Lutheran Service Book.  Hymn numbers are posted at the front of the church and are also printed in the weekly worship folder.

It is customary for our members, during worship, to bring offerings to God out of thanks for His gifts to us in Jesus.  Our ushers will pass a plate for the offering following the prayers.  Please do not feel as though you are expected to give.  Many visitors prefer to learn more about our beliefs and ministries before bringing their offerings.

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