From the Pastor, February 2012

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.         Colossians 4:2 

Dears Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I guess we are all familiar with Lutherans and change.  Lutherans, it has been said, don’t adapt to change very well.  But sometimes change is necessary because it enables us to do things that we could have been doing before.


During the Prayer of the Church there has always been a petition where we present special intercessions for those who are sick, hospitalized, or simply have need for our prayers.  There is a pause where the congregation can offer their prayers out loud or in silent prayer in their hearts.  We are going to keep that very wonderful tradition just the way it is.

So what is the change?  We’re going to add weekly another petition where the congregation can offer their prayers of thanksgiving silently or out loud.  You may have noticed that I’ve already started incorporating this into our weekly prayers.  It is a good time to give the Lord thanks for answered prayers or simply for the blessings of life.

I encourage you to use these times of special prayer—for requests and for thanksgivings.  It is what our Lord wants us to do as His praying Church.  So we do so joyfully!

Pastor Coons

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